RAVEN: Messenger from the Great Mystery

Life circumstances had diverted me from painting for over six months and I was standing on the shore of creativity…watching the waves roll in..and wondering how to I was going to get back in…and swim. A voice kept urging me to dive in…but how? Then I got a message from my teacher…who now is on the other side of the veil…and it was simply, “Raven.”

With a little bit of research, I discovered Raven carried exactly the Medicine I was seeking…because “Raven is connected to the great Mystery of the Universe. ..where all potential exists.” Raven’s role is to bring  the formless into form, to bring ideas and dreams into Reality.

Everything ever created or built was first created in the imagination. To create something one must first go into the realm of possibility — the great sea of cosmic darkness, forming the gossamer thread from which ideas and musings can begin to take shape in the physical.

“Creative potential is the great gift of Raven. Call upon Raven to tap into the infinite ocean of creativity that flows through all things. Call upon Raven to seek messages, signs and confirmations from the Universe.”

One native American tribe in the Pacific Northwest celebrates Raven as the One who stole the Sun from the heavens, bringing Light to humans. In the process Raven’s all white feathers became blackened from the fire.

Raven flew onto my canvases revealing a Trickster nature … at times appearing magical, mythical, or even comical…inspiring me to trust the flow and not censor the message…and not to take myself too seriously!

Maybe Raven will bring you a message through these paintings.


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